For security companies

Dark days are over

Max Condo Club is the command centre that will help you serve and protect your customers' homes. Our solutions work together and provide your guards with the tools they need to deliver an outstanding customer service.

The Condo Club Approach

Help Connect the dots.

Security & Concierge services play an integral role in condo living experience. Build stronger customer connections with web and mobile apps to create a seamless experience for residents when receiving packages, booking amenities or providing entrance to their homes. Plus, Max Condo Club makes it easy for internal teams to work together, track progress, and give feedback from anywhere.

Birds Eye View

Lack of proper tracking and communication while changing shifts and exchanging information can be detrimental to the condos' operation. We take steps to give you the tools you need to record all the on-going mundane but equally important data.
Max Condo Club is designed to store and filter all your daily logs and incident reports without skipping anything that may be vital. Shift changes cant get easier when pass-on-logs are utilized to keep track of what matters most.

Don't leave money on the table

You need to be confident that you can keep up with market demand and excel over your competition. Being better meaning being smarter and making the right choices. Choose to save without compromising on your competitive edge. Max Condo Club is easy; sleek; and reliable – it’s time to get ahead of the game without breaking the bank.

Everything you need, to be where your residents are,
wrapped up in a pretty package