For property managers

Don’t just keep up
—stay ahead

Legacy Property Management Software are often clunky and difficult to use, but Max Condo Club is simple and designed to get you ahead of the game. It eliminates the friction of working on multiple windows and digging through old records.
Managers and staff are always able to access, analyze, and collaborate on relevant condo data.

The Condo Club Approach

Lose the Headache.

Smart, Simple, and Easy to Use. Stop wasting time digging through old records and hunting through boxes. Integrate complex solutions into a single, easily accessible piece of property management software. Connect multiple data sources into one front-end with a fully customized interface and no hidden costs.

Update your Operating System.

Centralize your Management Style. Most Condo Management Software are ineffective. Being spread across so many different windows and applications creates easily avoidable mistakes that only add to your daily stress!
How do you keep up with rules, regulations and legal issues? Max Condo Club is constantly adapting to insure that you’re informed and compliant with the latest legal changes. As the industry evolves, so does Max Condo Club.

Kick your Feet up.

Create your ideal workspace.
You have important information your residents need to know. To convey it well, you need resources that you can share with key members of your team while ensuring all rules and regulations are up-to-date, complied with, and being followed the right way. Easily make sure your goals are aligned with your staff members, and manage tasks for your superintendent, assistant, and contractors. With features like email reminders, snooze notifications, and more, Max Condo Club gives property managers the upper hand in their day-to-day lives. Improve your management style swiftly and cost-effectively without having to use any third-party resources.

Everything you need, to be where your residents are,
wrapped up in a pretty package