For the board of directors

Be smart, do it right!

We know Board Members face big challenges!
In order to maintain long-term efficiency, property value, and community reputation the board has to live up to evolving resident expectations. Doing that with limited resources - can be hard.

The Condo Club Approach

Don't be lucky, be informed.

Decision making made easy. An all access pass: the one place where you can see everything that’s going on in your home. Don’t just view industry trends and analytics: check efficiencies, compare costs, and analyze the benefits of your investments and expenditures. Find everything you need in a dedicated dashboards built especially for the Board.

Chance makes neighbours, choice makes friends.

Their opinion matters. A tool for dialogue: share newsletters, get feedback, and create polls! Nothing is more key to a happy community than honesty and transparency. Together, these two traits make condominium residents feel more included and valued - because they should be! Foster community, allow a conversation.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Cut Costs. Save Time. Money’s not the most important thing but it is sure darn important! So how do you juggle the shifting parameters of your building and make sure that it’s running at optimal efficiency? Reduce the operating costs of your condo with features designed to help you benchmark, track, and continuously improve.

Everything you need, to be where your residents are,
wrapped up in a pretty package