Peace of mind! Package management that does not leave your doorman overwhelmed. Max Condo Club makes it easy to log, search and sign-out packages that your residents receive or send. With a notifications, reminders, and special instructions, residents will feel cared for and feel confident that they chose the right place to call home.

Capture resident signatures

Max Condo Club integrates with the most popular signature pads. For top security - residents sign the pad so you can always see who picked it up. Want another layer of security? We got it. When a resident is identifying themselves see their picture, a reference copy of their signature and make sure it’s really them. Gone the time of being blamed for releasing a package to the wrong person.

Automatic reminders

Your system needs to inform the residents that a package has arrived, but guess what? Life is busy! Don't let anyone forget that their package is waiting with built in reminders scheduled to snooze until the package is finally picked up.

Wow… Smart Scan
(coming soon)

Download the Max Condo Club Smart Scan App, and out of the way goes old school. Just snap a picture of the shipping label and Walla! The parcel is logged! All you need to do is to inform the resident the package is there… oh wait - the system does that for you too!
Everything you need to be everywhere your residents are, wrapped up in on pretty package