Amenity Booking

Calendars, Binders, Agreements? Forms? Sounds complicated. Well… not with Max Condo Club. Amenity Booking is now among the simplest things to do for your building. Never get confused with dates, times, or guests again!

Don’t make something good, bad.

Amenities are one of the many benefits of living in a condo. Managed properly amenities can provide an upscale way of life. But if you do it wrong, the amenities are just not going to be used and lose their value over time. Max Condo Club offers a simplistic interface to book, approve, and pay while avoiding double bookings and still sticking with the rules!

Who has a checkbook anyway?

Checks are the way of the past. Although still being used in many condominiums, your residents would love you forever when you allow amenity payment with credit cards. Accept credits cards with a click. Not to worry, your head office is going to be happy too! The money will be deposited with the description you need to reconcile fast!

What do you think? Paper or paperless?

You probably have enough paper lying around. Upload your legal documents to book the amenities right into the Max Condo Club, let residents digitally sign and accept the terms and conditions. You have a proof and a record forever without filling up your office with yet another binder.

Flexibility & Self Serve

Your amenities, your rules. Whether you want to approve each individual booking, give permission to you staff to do the same or just have residents book on their own, Max Condo Club has a wide variety of settings that you can adjust and modify to fit your needs. Want to reduce the hussle? Let residents request their booking directly from their computer or mobile device!
Everything you need to be everywhere your residents are, wrapped up in on pretty package