Key Logger

Keys - items most commonly lost.
At Max Condo Club we know that small things are easy to lose, which is why we knew that the Condo Club System needed a Key Logger. A Complete electronic key security solution that is designed to organize your sets of keys, prevent unauthorized access, and provide a fully-documented audit trail of all key sign ins and outs.

Comprehensive Key Information

With our extensive key tracker, your keys are organized, keep track by key tag, unit, or the purpose of the key. This is a way for you to always have a person immediately responsible for its proper use and safe return. Never be caught wondering who went where with the master key!

Enforce responsibility with a signature

Sign-Out’s are a proven way to levy an extra level of responsibility to anyone who has the power to sign a key out. The ability to open and close doors throughout the Condo is an important one to the day-to-day business and you can’t risk a hiccup pushing things to the side.

Complete History logging

The Key Logger is about more than organization, it’s about having the peace of mind that comes from knowing your Condo is being operated smoothly and efficiently. With the logger, there will always be a clear and explorable history of sign-in’s and outs so that you can always be aware. By utilizing a sign-out, you emphasize the importance of properly keeping track of building safety.
Everything you need to be everywhere your residents are, wrapped up in on pretty package